A journal of my natural hair and half marathon journeys.

Merry Christmas!

Twist out: I actually twisted my hair up 3 nights ago using water, my oil mix, and the Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I took it down today, and I am okay with what came out. Have a great day!

Since school is starting soon, I decided to try a new makeup look. See link below for the inspiration.


Since school is starting soon, I decided to try a new makeup look. See link below for the inspiration.


Current protective style:
1. Parts
2. I used Obia Naturals products as a leave-in and styler.
3. Flat twists one side
4. Flat twists other side
5. Two strand twists in the front
6. I did pin curls to protect my ends.
7. The back

Quick Review: Aunt Jackie’s detangler
I usually do not post before a shampoo, but I am so excited about what just happened to my hair. I purchased the Aunt Jackie’s Knot on My Watch detangler a few weeks ago from Family Dollar (6 oz for 5.00). When I tried it before, it did not work for me. Today, however, it was a miracle!
I wet my hair in each section, then applied the detangler to the hair. It was so easy to detangle with this stuff. I was able to detangle my hair in 5 big sections, very quickly!

Possible negative: I saw some white specks in each section after combing, so I would probably not use this after a shampoo.

Flat Twist + Bun:
I did this yesterday as a protective style for this week’s vacation. It is a really simple style but came out well. I used Nubian Heritage Grow and Strengthen Treatment Masque as a leave-in and EcoStyler gel to style.

New Style:
I got inspiration from this style from a youtube video. I hope it lasts for a week (3 more days).

Bye bye blowout!
I just dipped half my hair in water to check for heat damage: none reported! Here is what I used (left to right:
1. Prepoo (mixture of evoo, coconut oil, and castor oil) 1 hour
2. Shampoo—I actually diluted to half shampoo half water. My hair felt so much better.
3. Detangle/Deep condition
4. Oils again, then leave-in conditioner

I put my hair in about 8 braids to stretch before styling.

Flat Twists on Stretched Hair:
I was slightly bothered at how easily my twist out was blowing in the wind, so I decided to do this as a protective style. I like the look of these; they were easy to do because of the stretch but did not feel as tight as I am used to. At least my end are tucked away.
I got my inspiration from BeautyCutright on YouTube.
I think I used a little Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie for each section.

BeautyCutright’s video:

Blown Out Twist Out:
I kept the flat twists from this week’s blowout for 5 days. When I took them down today, this happened. I did have the windows down while driving, so it is a little wind-blown. I loved how soft my hair feels and looks.
Also, I did flat twists for my cousin today with EcoStyler gel and Nubian Heritage Repair and Extend Styling Custard (green label). Her hair is relaxed, but she wants to try protective styling to help with hair health.

Hair “Straightening” Update:
1. Last night, I finger detangled with the Aunt Jackie’s Detangler (Family Dollar 5.00) and conditioner. This morning I cowashed with Tresemme Naturals and used the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Deep Conditioner to DC. I braided my hair to stretch after applying oil and Nubian Heritage Grow and Strengthen Herbal Custard as a leave-in.
2. When I got to the salon, my stylist roller set my hair with styling foam. She sprayed the Chi heat protectant spray.
3. After I sat under the bonnet dryer, she did a light flat iron and wrapped my hair with wrap papers and a bonnet. Back under the dryer I went.
4. Although my hair was soft and very manageable, I was only mildly pleased. I asked her to flat twist my hair, and it turned out okay. The stretch made a difference.
I was sort of disappointed with this experience; I was hoping that I would get to whip my hair back and forth, but not so much. The good news is that I did get a good trim, and she shaped up the back hairline for me. Maybe next time I will skip the leave-in conditioner or let her blow dry first. For now, Ido have great stretched hair, so I should get some good stylings.